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Victory Gardens are trending!

By now I am sure all of you have heard about the revival of the Victory Garden. During WWI and WWII Victory Gardens were vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens that were planted at homes and public parks all over the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany during both wars. From coast to coast even public land was utilized, with gardens installed in both the Boston Commons and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park!  People plowed front yards, lawns, back yards, flower gardens and vacant lots to grow their own vegetables.

How much food did they grow you might ask?

In 1943 these gardens produced over 40% of all of the vegetable produce that was consumed in the nation. In addition to aiding the war effort, the Victory Gardens were also considered a “morale booster” and couldn’t use a little boost during these challenging times?

Modern day edible gardening produces it’s own victories.  Growing your own food decreases your reliance on corporate food systems, gets you outside into the natural enviroment and best of all gives you great things to eat right outside your front door!

Setting up your own kitchen garden is easier than you think.  Utiliizing raised beds makes growing food easier that in a traditional row garden put in the ground.  They allow you to make the most of a small space.  Here is a link on how to build your own raised bed.

You will want to use the sunniest spot in your yard since most vegetables need 6-8 hours of sunshine and then think about what you like to eat and choose those crops for planting! Here is a great free garden planning site that can help you determine how much you can fit in your space.  

Creating a garden outside can really make you feel like you get to leave, even though you can't.  All great garden designs, start with a great consult! 

Set up a virtual consult with me this weekend!  I am giving away three FREE consults to the first people who sign up here!   Let's get you Good to Grow!

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