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Seed Starting 101

Agriculture is "trendy" in 2020 was the theme of the U.S. Virgin Islands annual Agriculture Fair this year. The dioramas created by local 4-H students were inspirational! What do you want to grow this year? Inspired by the sun in the Caribbean, I am excited to brighten up the cloudy Seattle days with my indoor plantings!

Starting from seed can be a bit daunting, but what do you have to lose? A pack of seeds and a little time? Think about what we spend our time on - watching the seeds germinate into plants that you will be able to eat in the near future is also inspirational!

Quick Seed Starting tips

1. Grab the right medium of soil (seed starting mix is much lighter than potting mix to give the little seeds a fighting change

2. Recycle cardboard paper towel or toilet paper rolls as handy little seed starting containers (egg containers work great too!)

3. Tamp down the soil and add your seeds. Cover with light layer of soil (not too deep)

4. Sprinkle lightly with water (recycle a plastic water bottle by poking holes in the top of the cover for an effective and recycled watering tool

5. Keep seeds moist by watering every day!

6. Watch and WAIT.....

7. Did you know seeds don't actually need sunlight to germinate? They will sprout even in the dark if they are kept moist

8. Once sprouted find the sunniest spot you can find (or use an indoor grow light). Seedlings need 12-16 hours of light to thrive. I turn my light on when I get up and shut if off when I go to bed for the right solar support!

9. One we are past our spring "frost free date" (which is March 15th in Seattle) harden off the plants by giving them doses of time outside before getting them in the ground.

10. You will be Good to Grow in 2020!

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